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The Best Of Miranda Lambert

Slideshow video of her music.....enjoy! *********************************************************** [0:00] Kerosene [3:04] Gunpowder & Lead [6:16] Baggage Claim [9:35] Little Red Wagon [13:00] Over You [17:16] Dead Flowers [21:17] More Like Her [24:47] Smokin' And Drinkin' (ft. Little Big Town) [30:17] Airstream Song [33:06] Me And Your Cigarettes [35:30] Mama's Broken Heart [38:30] Somethin' Bad (with Carrie Underwood) [41:20] New Strings [45:09] Love Letters [47:55] Love Your Memory [51:40] Famous In A Small Town [55:49] Only Prettier [59:00] White Liar [1:03:47] Girls [1:07:23] The House That Built Me [1:11:20] All Kinds Of Kinds [1:15:47] Platinum [1:18:59] That's The Way That The World Goes Round [1:22:24] Automatic [1:26:33] Dear Diamond (ft. Patty Loveless) [1:30:23] Easy From Now On [1:35:02] Hard Staying Sober [1:39:31] Guilty In Here [1:42:15] We Were Us (with Keith Urban) [1:45:31] I Just Really Miss You
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